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Coconut Oil vs. Rice bran Oil

Rice bran oil contains 42.5% oleic acid which is the same fatty acid in olive oil and 39% linoleic acid – an omega-6 essential fatty acid. Though high in calories both oils provide roughly 120 calories for tablespoon. According the “Journal of Indian Medicine” in a study published in 2010 issue rice bran oil lowers low-density lipoprotein which is the bad form of cholesterol. Coconut oil combined with rice bran oil provides blood thinning properties. It is contained with vigorous fatty acids with potent medicinal peculiarities. This oil is rich in facts called medium chain triglycerides which metabolized our body positively. Rice bran oil have a high smoke point(up-to 254˚C or 490˚F) which, helps to frying deeply and performs less absorption without loosing it’s nutritive quality. It is an anti-inflammatory and some studies have shown that its consumption can reduce the effects of menopause like hot flashes.Rice bran oil contains essential vitamin E complex, antioxidants and other micro-nutrients to help fight free radicals and strive against the consequence of aging. It is known as the heart-friendly oil because it helps to lower cholesterol. This contains the right amount of oryzanol which is an antioxidant and thus decrease cholesterol absorption and increase cholesterol elimination.

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