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Pavizham Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is typically derived from dried coconuts that are regionally known as ‘Kopra’.

Producing coconut oil from ‘Kopra’ is a labour-intensive process but the resulting product is a magnificent one and worth all the work that goes into the process. Coconut Oil is a miracle oil hailing from the heart of Kerala and is used extensively for preparing food as well as a beauty enhancing product. It is becoming an increasingly popular cooking oil owing to the unique flavour and aroma it adds to the dishes. Pavizham Coconut Oil is made from selected high-quality coconuts and with the use of high-end machinery that helps to retain all the richness of coconut oil within each packet


  • Made from selected high-quality coconuts
  • Zero preservatives added
  • Packed with energy-boosting triglycerides
  • Boosts skin and hair health.
  • A good source of antioxidants

Oil is available as following :

1 LTR 500 ML 1 LTR 500 ML 01 LTR 02 LTR 05 LTR 15 KG