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Private Labelling

Edible oils available for private labelling and distribution.

Private Labelling

Pavizham Oil and Foods provides facilities and support businesses to brand their products by producing and packing edible oils according to their packing size and labels. We produce fully refined, bleached, deodorised edible oils including Rice Bran Oil, Coconut Oil, Gingelly Oil etc. Our products are without additives. We consistently thrive to improve the quality of our products by investing in new technology and production capacity.

Pavizham edible oils are produced from carefully sourced natural raw materials. We process the raw materials and produce top quality edible oils in our own production units under the supervision of experienced professionals. Inorder to best preserve the natural flavour and aroma, all our products are produced under pristine hygiene conditions throughout processing and packaging.

Pavizham edible oils ensure trust of purity by employing a zero compromise policy on the quality of our products. Our keen focus lies in bringing the best edible oils to our markers and to that aim, we have made all of our products available for private labelling and distribution.